How does the program work?

The Omega Balance Natural Meats® program is based on specially fermented forage, treated with our proprietary blend of probiotic microbes and microbial stimulants, and baled at high moisture levels. The fermentation process begins to "pre-digest" the forage, breaking it down and making more of the nutrition available for the animals to use. The fermentation also produces microbial metabolites and other nutritional compounds that increase the health and productivity of the animals. This fermented forage is the only food source the animals need to mature and to thrive.

How do I join?

Membership in the program consists of an annual membership fee, based on your overall herd size, plus a per-head royalty that covers product training, program support, and marketing support. The royalty is only paid on the head count that are entered into the program.

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Annual Program Fee

Herd size Fee
<200 $400
200-500 $500
501-1000 $1000
>1000 $2000

This fee is paid each year on the anniversary of your membership. Your membership must be in good standing in order to use the Omega Balance Natural Meats® quality mark on your meat and any of your sales and/or promotional materials.

If a member does not renew their fee, they lose all rights to claim the Omega Balance Natural Meats® quality mark and they will have no further access to fermentation supplies, training, or support.

Per-head Royalty

The per-head royalty is constant, regardless of herd size and program animal count. The fee is $100/head and covers the cost of the initial program development as well as ongoing research and improvement.

Product costs

Product costs are nominal and the total cost depends on the amount of forage you are fermenting (based on the number of animals registered in the program). We will help you determine the needs of your program and provide the training and support you need for successful implementation.

Continuing Education

Once you complete your initial training, our learning process is ongoing, and yours will be too. We will hold annual training meetings to bring all our producers up to date with current science, learning, and practices. These meetings will carry a separate registration fee. in order to maintain your program membership, you must attend at least every other year, though every year is encouraged. In most cases, these meetings will be held at our research facility in Millville, Utah although they may be held in other locations as well, depending on needs and opportunities.

Archived training and support materials will be available for registered members through this web site.

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