Our Omega Balance Natural Meats® program produces large, healthy animals, with mild and tender meat, in less time than traditional grain-fed operations. Our beef can grow from birth to finish weight (1200 lbs) in 14-16 months, and they will grade mostly prime at slaughter. Our bison will go to slaughter at 20-22 months significantly larger than traditional operations, and their meat is milder, with better fat cover, and even the beginnings of marbling within the cuts.

Omega Balance Prime Beef
Omega Balance Natural Beeftm
Omega Balance Mild Bison
Omega Balance Natural Bisontm
  • No Grain - Ever!
  • All-natural fermented forage
  • More efficient conversion ratio (at least 6:1) = cost savings
  • Faster growth rate
  • Healthier animals because they receive a natural diet = more cost savings
  • Grass-fed, grass-finished, fast, and Prime! = increased revenue

All of this is done with nothing but natural, fermented forage, allowing you to qualify for the grass-fed market with prime offerings previously unheard of.

Best of all, Omega Balance Natural Meats® are actually good for you. There are no chemical residues, and the Omega 6:3 essential fatty acid balance is 1:1, which is the ideal ratio for a healthy human diet.

Your Benefits

Let's break the beef down into a simple chart comparing the traditional production methodologies.

  Omega Balance Natural Beef® Traditional (grain-fed) Grass Fed
Weaned calves 600 lb 600 lb 600 lb
Finish weight 1200 lb 1200 lb 1200 lb
Carcass weight 750 lb 750 lb 750 lb
Age at finish 14-18 months 18-24 months 24-36 months
Feed conversion rate (avg) 6:1 7:1 15:1
Feed consumed to reach finish 3,600 lbs 4,200 lbs 8,400 lbs
Typical grade Prime Select - Choice Select
Omega 6:3 ratio 1:1 7:1 2:1
Market price (full carcass)* $4.39 $2.25 $4.39

* Prices shown here are based on a single USDA report and are used for illustration only. Pricing fluctuates based on time and region.

If you take a typical weaned calf at 600 lbs and double the weight, aiming for a finish weight of 1200 lbs, you get an average carcass weight of 750 lbs. The average conversion ratio for most grain-fed cattle is 7:1, meaning 7 lbs of consumed food for each lb of weight gain. The average national price/lb for finished carcasses is about $2.25/lb. (That was the published price when this document was created. Prices fluctuate daily and regionally.)

Using the Omega Balance Natural Meats® program, our animals have an average conversion ratio of at least 6:1, meaning you save 600 lbs of feed right off the top on every animal. Because our animals convert food more efficiently, they also gain weight faster and we reduce the time to market by 3-6 months, so you can run more animals through the same space, increasing your total throughput.

Finally, since our program is based 100% on natural forage (no grain), your finished animals can qualify as grass-fed. The last time we checked, grass-fed carcasses were selling for $4.39/lb - $2.15/lb more than standard beef. With a 750 lb carcass, you can make up to $1,600 more per animal by moving from conventional to grass-fed with quality, flavor, and health that far exceeds both grain and grass-fed operations. There is no such thing as grass-fed and finished prime beef in the market - until now!

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