Why Omega Balance Natural Meats® ?

Omega Balance Natural BeefAt Bio Minerals Technologies, everything we do supports and enhances the results of our world's natural systems. From soils, to plants, to harvested crops, and even animals, we work with nature to produce high-yield, healthy, and nutritious results, naturally.

Our Omega Balance Natural Meat farms and ranches produce high-quality, healthy beef and bison. We achieve this by feeding specially fermented forages which contain natural grasses and legumes (we Never use grain). This high-digestibility of nutrients gives our animals:

  • Healthy fats and proteins
  • Omega 6:3 ratio of 1:1
  • Highest quality cuts - Prime - without using any grain!
  • Great flavor and tenderness, without compromising nutrition
  • No antibiotics, vaccines, or hormones, ever!

Whether you are focused on a high-protein diet such as Keto or Carnivore, or you are just trying to improve the healthy quality of the foods you eat and serve your family, our Omega Balance Natural Meats provide uncompromising quality coupled with non-inflammatory, healthy proteins and fats (yes, there are healthy fats!). Omega Balance Natural Meat is a healthy component of a balanced diet, and it tastes great too!

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Grass-fed, Prime -

Less Feed, Less Time!

The Omega Balance Natural Meat® program is a more efficient way to raise beef and bison. We have been doing it for years, and now you can too!

  • Faster finish (slaughter-weight beef at 14-16 months)
  • Less expensive feed and no grains
  • Finished meat is mild, juicy, and tender
  • Can qualify as grass-fed yet still grade prime (beef)
  • Bison are larger, better fat content, milder flavor

Omega Balance Natural Meat® not only tastes good, it is good. And it is good for you too, with an Omega 6:3 essential fatty acid ratio of 1:1, creating a healthy component of a natural diet. Guilt-free grills!

Increase your profits! Join our Producer Program and raise your own Omega Balance Natural Meat® for your local markets and customers. Call us at 435-753-2086 we'll show you how.

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