BMT Research Farms is the research division of Bio Minerals Technologies, the originator of the Omega Balance Natural MeatsĀ® technology and program. As part of our ongoing research and growth of the program, we continue to raise some animals here. We produce and sell to our local Utah friends and acquaintences who hear about our project and want to enjoy the healthy and tasty benefits of our research.

Our BMT Research Farm is located at the Bio Minerals Technologies' corporate headquarters in Millville, Utah, part of the beautiful Cache Valley. SurroundedĀ  by mountains and with a beautiful, four-season climate, it is a wonderful place to live and to conduct our research. Our little 40-acre farm is tucked away in a corner of the community and most people don't even know we are here. It is quiet and private and just the way we like it!

Omega Balance Natural BeefWe grow and ferment our own forage in order to produce our premium-quality Omega Balance Natural Meat. We also have a larger supply that we sell for one of our local producers who has been using our Omega Balance Natural Meat program for the past three years.

Our meat is sold in quarters, halves, and wholes. We do not sell individual cuts or bundled packages. Our meat is available for pickup at our Millville, Utah facility only. We do not ship.

You can call us directly at 435-753-2086 to inquire about availability and pricing.